Inclusion AS is a company located in Asker, a suburban town located 20km from Oslo.

The company offers a range of services within the area of entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation.

Some of our services include:

  • Developing and providing entrepreneurship programs for startups with foreign background
  • Developing and providing entrepreneurship programs for startups with Norwegian background
  • Developing and running innovation workshops
  • Project management work within the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation
  • Lecturing at entrepreneurship courses

Since the foundation in July 2014 Inclusion has in particular been involved in developing and providing entrepreneurship programs and mentor arrangements targeting immigrants living in Norway.

Services can be provided both in Norwegian language and English language.

Some of Inclusion´s references include:

Etablerertjenesten i Akershus (The Startup Services of Akershus County)
Developing and running startup courses in English for startups living in Akershus and Oslo, one of the counties neighbouring Oslo. The courses labelled «How to start a business in Norway» are held in Asker and Bærum.

Since 2018 Inclusion has also provided startup support services in the two regions «Øvre Romerike» and «Nedre Romerike» in Eastern part of Akershus.  Services provided include one-to-one coaching and various startup courses

Asker Næringsråd and Askershus Næringshage (Asker Chamber of Commerce and Akershus Business Development Center) 
Initiating and leading project called Startup Forum, a pilot project funded by Akershus County and Asker Municipality involving developing and testing an online course targeting startups with foreign background living in Oslo and Akershus.  Participants at the Startup Forum line arena also benefit from access to a multitude of startup tools as well opportunity to get individual support from an e-mentor.   The pilot program has received great feedback and will be launched in full scale Autumn 2017.
www.startupforum.no    www.askershus.no

Hordaland Fylke / Etablerersenteret (Hordaland County / Bergen Startup Center)
Developing and providing the entrepreneurship program labelled «Business Factory» on behalf of Etablerersenteret / Business Region Bergen / Hordaland County for startups with foreign background.  Program which is provided both in Norwegian language and English language consists of 6 modules comprising essential business skills related to starting a business in Norway. In this training programme Inclusion was also engaged in providing e-mentoring startup support.

Volda kommune og Høgskulen i Volda (Volda Municipality and University of Volda)
Developing and running Jobbmentor – a mentorship programme for enterprises in the municipalities Volda and Ørsta, located on the Norwegian west coast. The programme is for people mentoring refugees learning language while at work. The goal of the programme is to make people mentoring refugees safer in their roles as mentors as well as making the goals of language learning and the learning of written and unwritten codes in Norwegian working life more efficient. Co-partners in this program were Høgskolen i Volda (University of Volda) and Volda Læringssenter/Volda kommune (Volda Learning Center / Volda Municipality). Project has been implemented in 2 periods, namely in 2016 and 2018. The project was funded by The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
www.jobbmentor.no        http://www.hivolda.no  

Asker Næringsråd (Asker Chamber of Commerce)
Co-partner in mentorship program labelled «Gründersjansen» targeting people with immigrant background living in Asker municipality. Work included responsibility for providing entrepreneurship insight through workshops and individual mentoring talks for participants taking the online startup course at the Startup Forum platform.

Askershus Næringshage (Askershus Business Development Center)
Project leader for pilot project TechHub – a new community for tech startups and established companies in the district of Asker, Bærum, Røyken and Hurum. TechHub is both an incubator programme for tech startups and a community for all companies in the district looking for co-operation partners that can lead to more digital innovation and development of tech related products and services.

Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway)
Consultancy work for the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Work included expertise advice into establishing business support services targetting immigrant entrepreneurs.

Bydel Grorud, Oslo kommune (The City of Oslo, Grorud district)
Project leader for entrepreneurship courses held in Spanish and Polish Autumn 2014 on behalf of Flerkulturelt Etablerersenter , bydel Grorud, Oslo kommune (Multicultural Startup Center, Grorud district, City of Oslo)
www.oslo.kommune.no   Flerkulturelt Etablerersenter on Facebook

Contact details:

Inclusion AS
Undelstad Terrasse 30d, 1387 Asker
Tel. (+47) 400 888 14
Mail: paul@inclusion.no

We are open to consider participation in international projects as well as offering services to startups, companies, non-governmental organisations or governments aiming at establishing a presence in Norway. Please do not hesitate to contact us!